Beauty Treatments 

Funny duck face
So every two months I re-dye my hair purple.  Except for the first time, which was in a salon, I have used Splat’s Lusty Lavender (which fades to hot pink pretty fast) or Purple Desire. This month my husband requests I also get blue dye for him, but no bleach because it would be bad for his hair. Umm, I’ll see what I can get.

Turns out Splat now makes dyes for brunettes! That’s awesome… or my husband is a better magic crafter than I ever knew! So he got Midnight Indigo and I got Midnight Amethyst. And both of us are much happier.

Then today, we decided to get a couples facial. It was awesome, too! It was his first, my third. We both feel so clean! Almost got sucked into buying product after… that afterglow is pretty powerful, you know?

So now we’re on the hunt for cheaper product and saving up for the next one!


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