Magical Scrapbooking

I have a “scrapbook of shadows” as my grimoire. The one pictured is not mine, I found it on Pinterest; perhaps one day I will be brave and show mine to you.

There are two reasons that scrapbooking your grimoire is magical. Firstly, the theme of the scrapbook is about magic – your spells, the results, your research about pantheons and herbs, and also the scrapbooker’s relationships with Deity and other magical practitioners. You might have a photo page of a special ritual altar and its officiants.

The second reason is intention, that special sauce that makes magic happen. No spell will work without focused consciousness, also known as creative visualization. The same is true with scrapbooking. Sure, you can slap some images and corresponding words on a page, but that’s not really scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is an art, and as with all fine arts, it requires planning and design to be effective.

Besides, scrapbooking is fun, and if you can’t have fun with magic… what’s the point?


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