Ostara Bunny Blessing 2017

This year’s Ostara Egg Hunt and Bunny Blessing at the park was enjoyable despite the chilliness and rain! I finally brought my big table so everyone could put their bunnies to be blessed somewhere other than the ground! LOL As last year, our Bunny God and Bunny Goddess were in attendance, and we called out once again to the four Bunnies of the Directions to “join our party, join our fun!”

Only four families came, but it felt cozy on the porch, like the first year, oh so long ago in 2005. Amazingly there were 105 eggs to be hunted – what a bounty for the hunters! My prizes were a big hit, although the your King of Spring was not delighted at his honor… I think the bunny ears scared him a mite!

I always think of family at this time, what with the little ones (and not-so-little ones anymore) coming out for the Hunt. I am very happy with my family of husband and four-footers. But I also enjoy spending time with children, so this is my annual “fix” of kid time. Maybe I will hold another Vacation Circle School this summer, something to consider with this new batch of young Pagans.

So I leave you all with a blessing:

May your nose ever twitch,
May your feet always frisk,
May your basket be full of eggs!

Happy Ostara!


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