The Silver Lining Called Magic

In church on Sunday, the leaders spoke about how sympathetic magic is backed by the science behind positive and transformative thinking. A study has shown that people who write down negtive body messages and then destroy the paper or throw it away end up with the same or a better self image, while those who kept the paper ended up with a worse self image than they started with before the experiment. Likewise, people who spent a few minutes a day for one week being grateful for things and people in their lives had lower incidence of depression even six months later!

The bottom line is this: gratefulness for the good in our lives and sympathetic magic for the bad works! The real question is, why don’t muggles do it? Is it the simplicity? The stigma of superstition? Are bedtime prayers only for children?

I think that gratitude and positive action can be woven into the modern adult life just fine. And if you can add that ha it for just a week, you will better your life. Imagine the changes in your relationships if you practiced gratitude and positive action one week a month! How much happier would you be?

So here goes. I am thankful adoring husband and our four furbabies. I am thankful for a good job that I enjoy. I am thankful for my health and truly believe I have the.power to banish obesity through my own positive action.

Wow, that felt good! Your turn. Feel free to write your gratitude and positive action here or elsewhere. You are on the path of a mirific life!


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