​Does “the moment” really exist?

Mindfulness describes living in the moment, being aware of what is as opposed to what was or what will be.  However, as the moment passes so quickly, it is simply not possible to consciously live in it.  Before we even recognize that a particular moment has arrived, it has essentially already gone by.
To be mindful, therefore, is not to live in the moment, but rather to understand and willfully limit your scope of consideration of past moments and your attempts to plan for future moments.

The “moment” is nothing more than a psychological construct, a 4th dimensional coordinate that we use to map existence.  We can describe past moments and future moments but the present moment is merely an illusion.

Consider yourself as you read these words.  There are the words you’ve read and the words you will read, but until a word enters one of those two categories, it doesn’t exist.  This may bring to mind quantum superposition, but that’s a post for another time.

The point is, if you want to be mindful, remember that it is about setting limits on your scope of recollection and prediction so as not to be data-slammed into inactivity.

-by Josh Leone


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