Five Things You Owe Magic and Five Things You Do Not


I recently read a great Forbes magazine article online (of course) that listed five things you owe your boss, and five things you do not. Here’s the link to that article, in case you are interested:  It got me thinking that we have a similar relationship with Deity, and with spells. So here are my five things you owe magic and five things you do not.

Five Things You Owe Magic:

  1. Your best effort, every time. You really need to be in the zone for a spell to be its most effective. Practice motions, adding ingredients, and charms beforehand, if you have the opportunity.
  2. Your best intentions. You may think this is about having a positive spell intention, but it’s not. This one is about not badmouthing how other people do magic. Live and let magic, so to speak.
  3. Your conscientiousness. Be on time for group rituals and meetings. Be your best self. Be attentive. (Turn off your cell phone.)
  4. Your honesty. You need to understand why you are casting a spell or performing a religious ritual. If you are in the dark about your own motives, take a step back and rethink your actions. Your magic will be better for it.
  5. Your patience. Real magic is about influencing patterns. And the bigger or more established the pattern, the more power, repetitions and wait time it will take to make a noticeable difference. Don’t just give up and switch patron deities out of spite, or worse yet, give up magic altogether.

Five Things You Don’t Owe Magic:

  1. Your loyalty. You do not owe any group or leader your loyalty unless they earn it. Same goes for respect and trust. They are all earned through words and actions.
  2. Your safety. You do not owe magic or religion the right to abuse you verbally, physically or sexually. Likewise, if a ritual calls for saying or doing something you are not comfortable with, don’t just follow the crowd. Stick to your principles. Communicate your concerns appropriately.
  3. Your time. You do not have to do magic every waking hour of the day in order to live a magical life. Spells and ritual bring joy and energy to your life, but you have to live in the here and now in order to experience any of the benefits of doing magic.
  4. Your integrity. If you feel that your coven or working group is on a path you simply don’t believe in, do not participate. Withdraw your energy. Communicate your concerns appropriately.
  5. Your health. Fasting is an important part of many devotional paths, but do not hurt yourself by overdoing it. Similarly, if you become obsessed with a certain spell or deity and this leads to paranoia or other mental anxiety, get help from someone.

There you have it, the five things you do and don’t owe your magical practice. The main message is to walk a middle path when dealing with others, do nothing too extreme, and nothing that hurts yourself or anyone else. Beyond that, be creative and joyful in your magical practice!


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