Know Your Brick Dust

Did you know?


When selecting brick dust it is important to know your bricks.  Mud bricks have been used for as long as 10,000 years.  Clay bricks for around 5,000.  In modern times concrete bricks dyed red are most common.  

The power of brick dust comes not only from it being from a brick, but also in large part from it being genuine red clay.  So, when buying brick dust, ask where it came from.  

Genuine red clay brick dust has a smooth, soft feel to it.  Dyed concrete dust remains rough and scratchy.  When testing dust, ask yourself if you could imagine it being used as a primitive make-up, such as in a rouge?  If the answer is, “Heck no, that stuff would scratch me up!” then you should pass and seek better quality dust.

Written by Josh Leone


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