My husband, Josh, loves journals. Needs them, in fact. Whenever something is going wrong, I can tell. Because he buys a journal. Of course, he also buys a journal for every project he starts, too.

I don’t understand why he needs a new one, when he hasn’t filled up the old ones yet. But every few months he purges his collection and just throws them away, only to buy a new one. I suppose it is his way of imposing order during a chaotic time, or marking a new beginning. I can understand this. It’s certainly better than turning to food or drugs!

The impulse to  journal is, I think, to make a lasting mark is a very nebulous, shifting world. There are basically two different types of journals, those that document daily life and thoughts, and those that document trials and their outcomes. A witch’s grimoire is a thematically specific journal of the second variety, one that shows attempts at magic and their level of success or failure. In the past, most grimoires were really “physiks” or medical herbal journals.

Personally, I like scrapbooks! lol


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